Year 2005 Was A Real Tech Game Changer

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2005 was one of those watershed years in tech history. By then, I had my first website, up and running for about six years. 2005 seemed to be the year many got tuned into the Internet and websites began popping everywhere. Especially businesses – as up to this point, many small businesses still weren’t convinced that having a website made sense. There were two huge Internet trends emerging – video sharing and, gulp, something called a social site.

Indeed, it was 2005 when all of us first heard of Youtube – a site that let you post videos.  Videos – it was all new. There was nothing like it. This now meant, you could upload a tape from your camera – then – usually by way of e-mail – let your friends know what you posted. Early Youtube was interesting – and no one knew what the game was. Lots of folks began putting copyrighted materials . It really was the Wild West. Since then, so much has disappeared. I’m sure you have memories of a Youtube video you wish you had, or was still available.

2005 And, it was the first time we heard the name “Facebook”  and with it, social site or social net.

Another interesting trend from that year – was the debut of the so-called “super” smart phone or “multi-media” phone. We can thank Nokia and the N70, then N73 for giving us a device we could now troll the Internet, plus send messages, plus talk. Leaders Blackberry or Palm had nothing like it. Apple took notice and in 2007, debuted their version with the iPhone – and the rest is tech history.

There’s much more to 2005 – they’ll be more here from that year in subsequent weeks/months.


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