Windows 9, Trying to Win Over the Windows 7 Users

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Windows “Threshold”  is the next major revision of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows 8 has been widely criticized as one of the worst operating systems in history, on par with Windows Vista and Windows ME. Windows Threshold seems to Microsoft admitting is screwed up, bad.

The new operating system will bring the focus back to the desktop user, instead of alienating the mouse and keyboarders and forcing them to use touch. Instead of “one GUI to rule them all”, we will now see some segregation within the OS. According to ZDNet

Users running Threshold on a desktop/laptop will get a SKU, or version, that puts the Windows Desktop (for running Win32/legacy apps) front and center. Two-in-one devices, like the Lenovo Yoga or Surface Pro, will support switching between the Metro-Style mode and the Windowed mode, based on whether or not keyboards are connected or disconnected.

The combined Phone/Tablet SKU of Threshold won’t have a Desktop environment at all, but still will support apps running side by side, my sources are reconfirming. This “Threshold Mobile” SKU will work on ARM-based Windows Phones (not just Lumias), ARM-based Windows tablets and, I believe, Intel-Atom-based tablets.

With that news, PC users can hope to get modern functionality and security without sacrificing usability. It also means Microsoft may finally have a competitive mobile OS, which is desperately needs.


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