The deep web is not invisable, you have no privacy electronically – proxy’s wont help you

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The deep web, hidden web, invisible web, hidden services or whatever you want to call them is not actually invisible and is as connected to the web as any other server.

You may or may not know, but security is a lie. It does not exist with computers, computers follow exact logic without any problems but humans on the other hand get confused. Security is actually the art of data manipulation and abstraction.

If you use proxy’s, tor, or any services it comes down to the fact you are still using the internet what is not a independent infrastructure and depends on a lot of other people who can intercept that data. Even if you encrypt it you most likely have sent the keys over the internet.

If you use proxy’s, or any other means, you still have the problem of trying to get a connection to the internet that is straight to the center with no data taps what is close to impossible. In the UK, they don’t even need a warrant to snoop on your private messages and data.

With custom encryption methods or strong encryption method you are certain the NSA or any other government agency’s dot have secret formulas to help them break the encryption you might be safe if you share the keys without any electronics. If you do, and even if it is safe today keep in mind they might be able to break the encryption in the future with Quantum Computing already in existence, yep you read that right. You can even download a quantum computer emulator too.

I had a good friend from Baghdad, Iraq. I was amazed to hear about how the internet infrastructure worked over there. One option we all have is satellite broadband, but that can be expensive. How it actually worked for my friend is his PC connected via wi-fi like any standard setup. His router was then hooked up onto the roof where he had a radio tower, so did other clients of this ISP and together this network form a mesh network i believe although he was not too sure on how it all worked.

He before this was using dial up quite recent what is rare now days. Even if the ISP was cut of from the internet the people theoretically could communicate with each other still, but security was an issue. The ISP had a private server that was truly private from the internet and only accessible to the clients of the ISP. My friend had a very slow connection under 100kb/s at best, but the private server had a more better connection that would be classed slow in most of the world today.

It would be easy to tap the connection out of the ISP, but since of the mesh design it would be hard to intercept data not actually leaving the mesh network onto the public internet. I have heard of free internet from satellites being planned, your properly have too. Think about how much data they would be able to collect from this. Its no secret your phone company tracks your location and can tell things such as if your moving fast, and your near a freeway, you are properly driving on the freeway. They can then judge traffic and so on. Imagine what free satellite broadband company’s would do to turn a profit. Less risky to sell your soul to a devil.

Some guys from a defcon conference way back used open wifi spots to track mobile phones and grab access data being sent into the void. Some time before that they talked about how if you setup the right hardware and software to receive signals for mobile phones and connect them (what is not as hard as you think), your mobile phone will connect automatically without any security checks to make life easy for mobile phone network operators. They can then listen in on your calls, change it, do whatever they want.

Recently i have been hearing a lot people who have been charged for unexpected crimes (so no reason they should of been watched before hand) what also contained evidence from Google searches. Maybe they got this from a computer recovered or maybe they are spying on everyone.

I heard a story of a husband and wife who was questioned and raided because of a bomb threat of Google searches of a pressure cooker or boiler and other stuff. They was not charged. Whenever you use any electronic device, treat it as you are telling every single person on earth, because you basically are. People feel safe behind electronics, maybe from citizens but not the government. It might not mean much do you but in some parts of the world, it can mean the difference between life and death and the safely and freedom of your family.


Ashley Meah

Young programmer and developer interested in computing, technology, and networking. Current interests are C# and the TCP/UDP protocols.

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