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Today Id like to talk to you about a piece of remote access software for Windows 8 I have been using the last couple of days called PCRemote.It can be installed on any Windows 8 or 8.1 device and allows you to access any machine that is powered on and running the PCRemote Server software.  There is a fee version and a pro version which costs $2.99. I have the free version on my compter and the pro version on my phone and I cannot tell what is different between the 2 of them.  PCRemote is available at the windows store (just search PCRemote in search) and the server software is available at www.pcremoteserver.com .

You start installing the server software on any computers you would like to connect to. I installed server software on my Windows 7 PC at home, My Windows 8.1 laptop, and a Windows 7 laptop I use at work. Inside the server software you must set a password if you wish to connect to the PC via the cloud. If you don’t set a password you can only connect if both devices are on the same network. Check the enable password box, set your password, and click apply. Next you will need to  get the IP address of the PC you will be connecting to (you will need it once you start using the app.)

Now its time to connect. Open the PCRemote app on your Windows 8 device and you will see a screen telling you the app is looking for PCs to connect to. If both machines are on the same network it will auto discover but if they are not you will have to find them manually. Tap the + sign on the bottom of the screen and input the IP address of the PC that has sever software running and input that password that you set when you installed the server software. The App will find the PC and you are ready to do. Tap the desktop icon and on you display you will see the desktop of the PC that you installed the server software on.

The software is good because it is free and incredibly easy to set up and use. The fact that it supports mobile devices is a huge plus. When connecting over the cloud you will expierence some lag but nothing too serious. I could see this software coming in handy if you are a parent and would like to monitor your childs computer use, if you have a computer at work that you would like to access from your house of vice versa, or to just play around with bc it is pretty cool. Thanks for reading this and have a great day 🙂


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