Meetup idea GFOH. Let’s go virtual and create a master mind group.

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I know, what most of you are thinking ” really a virtual get together? don’t you know that in person out performs everything?” . To be truthful I would of probably have agreed with you that the in person would outperform all virtual communication platforms if you would of asked me 5 years ago. But if you look at current technologies like Google+ hang out, any meeting, skype the list goes on. What I want to say is that communicating online is so much more efficient, plus you get all the valuable data like a recording that you can watch at your leisure.

A great example of the efficiency of communicating online are the following

  1. No need to drive anywhere
  2. Only one individual can speak at a time
  3. Trust is built compared to only text
  4. Show off personality
  5. Show off demos via desktop sharing or video cam

The last note that I want to add is that communication tends to get to the point right away. For example in person conversation you would meet first greet and have some chit chat, but with virtual communication you are free to do so or get straight to the point.

What is this master mind group you speak of?

For everyone out there that does not know what this is, the idea was originally made popular by Napoleon Hill in one of his classic books “Think and grow rich”. The main idea  is of two or more individuals working towards a defined purpose. But what do you do? Well you work out ideas, educate each other, hold individuals accountable, and most importantly criticize each other in order to build a “master mind”.  But in the real world no one does this type of thing, WRONG check out the group of programmers at Entreprogrammers. Since this is still an early podcast at only 17 episodes, it will give you a better idea to understand what this master mind is actually doing.

Whats next?

The last part, well it’s to sell you on it, if you think you are brave enough to have a kick ass conversations and have them published, make errors publicly be criticized and be remember for ever in the inner webs. Than lets get started if you would like to know more about what I do or want to drop me a question add me on google+ 


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