How Committed Are You To Making Money?

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I have been out here in the real world for a little over 5 months finding and completing projects for clients as a software consultant. I have to say it has brought on many many challenges, and if I would to recommend any one to go down this road I would probably say no. For starters it’s not easy to say that you are going to be your own boss suddenly all this new responsibilities fall into to your lap, for example you have to take care of your own taxes, track business expenses, manage clients, charge those clients and most importantly do your work(programming). Recently I finished out my clients and I was out looking for a new clients to take on, but sometimes the unexpected happens. I got a pretty nasty cut in my hand that has left me with, well no right hand.

My hand is going to be out of commission for a while and not to mention obtaining over 17K in debt from the hospital. So now what is the best step to take to move forward? First it would be not to give up, second it would be to start resolving some of those problems, since I can’t code for projects I really cant make any money that way which brings me to what should I do now? Give up go and be a florist? No i have spent the last 6 years of my life learning and teaching technology, I can not just stand up and leave. I refuse to!

How committed are you?

How much do you really care for what you do? This is extremely important question to ask your self, because if you are broke with no money practically homeless, in debt and refuse to get a job because and your unemployable and you keep on working on your dreams, well that is determination. I have found that going through  hard times, I discovered something very unique about the person that I am, which is “I am my biggest fan”. There is no one in the world that cares as much as I do to see me accomplish all the things that I admire to do so. This is extremely important to take note of, for example allot of the time when you try something new you give up because it’s not working the way you want it to work, so you move on to the next shiny new idea.

It’s not all about money!

I have to agree with this it’s not about money, I would go live in a shack and starve my self if I was getting just a bit closer to my goals. Keep in mind that I turned down a 70K job a couple of weeks because I knew it would of probably cost me my life if I would of took it. Seeing all the people in a building doing something that they don’t want to be doing be forced to crank out work so they can have that security of having money. I believe it’s more important to have self-actualization, not be limited to the amount of money you can make, be free to take as much time off as you wish, and overall be happy with what you do.



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Rick H - Responsible for evaluating business requests to determine feasibility, identifying options, and recommending solutions for software development and enhancements. Assist with interpreting customer requirements into conceptual design specifications. Developing interfaces/prototypes and maintaining/testing solutions, conducting root-cause analysis of system, and recommending solutions based upon findings.

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