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For those electronics hobbyists out there, you may have heard of a wonderful simulation program called Yenka. Although it costs to use in Schools and Businesses, it is free for home use which is really nice. Maybe you want to simulate your project before you solder it all together, or maybe you want to build a massive project just for fun that would cost to much to build in real life. I have to say that I haven’t used many programs like this before, so please comment with any suggestions for better alternatives if you know of any.


For Windows and Mac this stage is fairly easy. Go to, grab the right installer and go through the process of installing. If you’re on linux and you don’t know how to install their beta version, you probably shouldn’t be on linux.


Hello world!

For electronics, I would say that the best equivalent to a “Hello World” program (the first few lines of code that a software programmer will write when learning a new language) is a simple circuit with a battery, resistor and an LED all in series.


  1. Open up Yenka
  2. Click on Technology and then Electronics (note that there are lots of other cool simulation possibilities with Yenka)
  3. Press OK, and then click new to create a new project.
  4. On the left hand side, you will find that there is a box with lots of different folders full of different components. Drag this box over onto the white space
  5. Go into Electronic and then basic components, find an LED, a resistor, a battery and drag them onto the white grid.
  6. You will find that you can connect these components up by clicking on the white boxes on the connections of each component and dragging them to the next one.

Once you have connected these three components in series, you should see a red glow coming from the LED.

Obviously there are so many more things you can do with Yenka, but I hope that this was helpful just to get you started. If you would like more tutorials on Yenka, such as how to build a PCB or make a man dance, then please say so in the comments section.



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