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The good people of GeekBrainDump.com have given me a 3 months license for Golden Frog’s VyprVPN premier service. The service includes unlimited usage, including all server locations and access to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android applications.
In this review I’m not going to explain how VPN works or check how the security and anonymity of the service. I’m going to share my personal experience and usage of the service – both desktop and mobile versions. Since I live outside the USA (in Israel) my experience will be different, so lets start.

Installing the software:
Both mobile and desktop versions are very easy to install, it only takes a few moments for the program to download and it’s a very fast installation. I used the IOS app (V2.2.3.1158) and the Windows desktop (V2. versions.

vyprvpn-mobie02 vyprvpn-mobie01 vyprvpn-mobie06

After the software is installed, you need to login using your account details (the user name and password that you receive when joining the service). It takes a few moments for the software to figure out where you are in the world and suggest the closest server available. In my case Istanbul Turkey was suggested. A good feature is allowing you to ping the server list to see who is the fastest server. However, Turkey wasn’t the fastest even though it was the closest, Luxembourg and Holland waere the fastest.

vyprvpn-mobie03 vyprvpn03

After selecting the desired server you click on connect and a few moments later your connected. You can setup the software to automatically to reconnect in case of a disconnection, which can be useful if you need to be connected and you’re not always near the computer.

Once connected, the software will display your new IP address (nice feature), duration connected to the server and if the NAT firewall is enabled or disabled. Basically, after you’re connected you don’t have any reason to reopen the software, until you decide to disconnect or change server. In my short time playing with it, it worked great. I don’t have the necessary tools to examine the battery usage of the mobile app, but I didn’t notice any significant changes in battery drain.

vyprvpn02 vyprvpn04

Testing the service:
I did a speed check before connecting to the service and then a few after connecting to a few different VPN servers. You can see the screenshots of the speedtest results.
Mobile (The first picture is without the VPN connection, every  test is from a different VPN server):

vyprvpn-mobie07 vyprvpn-mobie09 vyprvpn-mobie10 vyprvpn-mobie11 vyprvpn-mobie13

Desktop (The first picture is without the VPN connection, every  test is from a different VPN server):

vyprvpn01vyprvpn08 vyprvpn07 vyprvpn06 vyprvpn05

One of the awesome features of VPN connection is the ability to “change” your location. As you know there are a lot of web services that block users that are outside the USA (i.e Netflix, Hulu and many more). So I decided to try it and see if it works. I tried to watch Hulu, with my normal ISP connection I get this message “Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States”.


After connecting to a USA VPN server (I tried both Washington and Texas) I got this message:


So the Hulu service identified the connection as proxy and blocked it. You should consider this if you’re planning on using such services with a VPN connection.
I’d like to mention that I use Hola browser plugin and it works perfectly with all those services. However, I’m not sure that Hola is actually trying to protect your identity, only mask your location.

I’ve only been using the VyprVPN service for a few days and it’s not enough time to get a real in depth experience with the service. However, in that short time it’s been very easy to use, I haven’t experienced problems or crashes (yet) and overall I’ve been happy with the speed. So if you’re in need for a VPN service you should check into VyprVPN.


  • Very easy to install, setup and use.
  • There is a speed decrease, but not as much as I’ve expected so it’s pretty fast.
  • You can favourite servers.


  • Doesn’t suggests the fastest server, only the closest.
  • In the IOS App you can’t sort the server list by ping, only by country or region.
  • Doesn’t support Linux.

Thank you for reading and I hope it was interesting and helpful.


Yaniv Norman

Help Desk Technician

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