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Thanks to Acronis & I was given a free license for Disk Director 12. I was not paid or compensated by either Acronis or GeekBrainDump to create this review, I was only given the software in exchange for my opinion of it.

 Description of the Software

With Acronis Disk Director 12 you can:

  • Create basic and dynamic volumes;
  • Add, remove, or break mirrored volumes;
  • Copy or move a volume of one type as a volume of another type (e.g. copy the contents of of a mirrored volume to a spanned volume);
  • Convert primary volumes to logical and vice versa
  • Convert basic disks to dynamic and vice versa
  • Convert GPT disks to MBR and vice versa
  • Import foreign disks: Make dynamic disks added from a different machine accessible for the system
  • Change a disk status: online to offline and vice versa
  • Clone disks;
  • Resize, move, copy, split and merge volumes without data loss
  • Format and label volumes, assign volume letters, and set volumes active
  • Initialize newly added hard disks
  • Delete volumes
  • Change file systems
  • Clean up disks
  • Hide/unhide volumes
  • Specify i-node density
  • Change a cluster size
  • Explore volume data, even on Linux volumes before performing operations
  • Browse through the detailed information about all hard disks, volumes and file systems
  • Recover accidentally lost or deleted volumes on basic MBR disks
  • Boot your crashed or bare-metal machine from Acronis Bootable Media
  • Restore boot records, repair files and folder structure, find lost clusters, remove computer virus code from a disk and much more using Acronis Disk Editor

Goal of This Review

The goal of my review is to use this program to make a second logical disk partition to install Ubuntu and to talk about the programs features pertaining to this goal. The software, as outlined above, can do much more than this, as outlined above.

The “Home Page”


Upon opening the software we are greeted by a fairly clean  welcome page with quite  a variety of tools.  We will use “Disk 2” which is an old laptop hard drive I had laying around to demonstrate the tools within Disk Director.


So while almost any modern OS can perform drive formatting, Windows at least cannot resize active partitions. This is a useful feature for someone who may way to dual boot an operating system. The UI is very intuitive, click on the partition you want to modify, then click “Resize volume”.  We are then given a new window, asking us for further instruction. For the sake of this, I will resize it to 150GB. This can be done by typing in the number, or using the drive space as a slider. Resizing the drive like this will retain the existing information, and give you a second, empty partition.


After this simple operation, all you must do is click “OK” and return the the programs home page and click “Perform Operations”. When it is done, you will be prompted by the program. ope

And we are done!


Acronis’s software allows us to do things outside the scope of normal the normal operating system disk functions in Windows. It differs itself from its competition by giving its users a plethora of options in one platform. It is a complete disk management solution, and any geek who spends time fixing or modifying computers will appreciate its functionality. Priced at $50 the software seems a little on the high side for some users.  But if you need something that works the first time, it the right choice for you. It will pay for itself with the headaches it will save you.


Nicholas Fusco

Nick Fusco is a young IT Consultant and "geek"! As a contributing author on GBD, he covers all things tech and writes reviews for a variety of products and services.

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