Adobe Creative Cloud – Price increase worth it…..

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Year ago I signed up for the Adobe Creative Cloud and switched from my CS6 Products, just so I could keep up with the updated software, so I could handle anything that came my way….

On the initial sign up they gave it to me for $19.99, which I thought was pretty good deal to have the latest updated cloud software, but a couple weeks ago I got an email stating if I wanted to stay with the Creative Cloud the new Membership fee was going to be $49.99….

I thought to myself is it really worth it, or should I just go back to my CS6 software and get rid of the cloud and wait for something better to come along, like a price drop or something of that nature…..

But it seems as if everything is going to the Cloud, so I have decided to stay with the Creative Cloud, but just wanted some of you fellow Geeks opinion on this subject, do you move to the cloud or stay with your old software……

Ed Woolstenhulme

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