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Firstly, I’d like to point out that I’m not a privacy freak. I understand that the NSA and GCHQ can spy on me when they want, and at any point it is possible that a hacker can gain access to all of my files, pictures and emails. Frankly, I don’t do anything dodgy, so I don’t feel the need to run around trying to stop data leaks or whatever. However, I understand that for many people privacy is very important, even more when it comes to business secrets etc. My only use for a VPN is either to switch to an American IP or for when I’m on a public Wi-Fi network.

First thoughts

VyprVPN has a really nice website and GUI layout. It seems like they have lots of really neat features, including unlimited usage and lots of mobile apps. They also make a seemingly outrageous claim that they are the “World’s fastest VPN”, but after using the VPN on my Windows 8 laptop, I can confirm that this service is blazingly fast

What I like

  • Unlimited service – many VPN providers claim to be unlimited, but end up capping your service anyway. Golden Frog promise to give us unlimited service, forever, no matter what
  • Amazing speeds – using the VPN, even through the USA server (I’m in the UK) feels just as fast, if not faster than my existing ISP connection (which is optic fibre broadband)
  • Lots of apps – with apps for Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS you can pretty much be sure that you can use your device with Vypr.
  • Lots of locations – you can switch to a different logical location within a few seconds without any hassle.
  • Great support – Live chat 24/7/365. Not much more you could ask from that

What I don’t like

The only thing that annoyed me is that they bundled in 50gb of free cloud storage. I don’t understand why everyone seems to think they need to offer cloud storage with their service, but I guess that this is just a pet hate and not a real problem. Definitely more secure than Google Drive or Dropbox, though.


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