VyprVPN Review Part 2: Clarifications

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I was recently in contact with the VyprVPN Affiliate Account Manager in regard to the first part of my review, introducing the service and talking about the Android app and my experience with the Chameleon encryption. He asked me to clarify something about their company and the goal of their service before continuing my review of the product.  In the “What is a VPN” section of my review I incorrectly stated:

More recently, however, users have been turning to VPN technology for enhanced security and anonymity on the internet, and that is the goal of VyprVPN

To clarify this statement, I will provide you an excerpt from my email with VyprVPN:

However, one thing about the review is that we do not claim to be anonymous or that VyprVPN will make our users anonymous. I don’t think anyone can really be anonymous online. There are some VPN providers that claim to be anonymous even though that’s not quite true, but we are not one of those providers. We’ll protect a user’s internet privacy and hide their personal identifiers but we do not claim that we can make someone anonymous online. We are unique in the VPN industry in that we do not outsource any part of the service to 3rd parties to host our servers and DNS. We write 100 percent of our software, manage our network, own the DNS, and own the hardware enabling us to deliver a fast and reliable VPN service. We’re the only VPN company who handles user’s data so their privacy and security are protected from end-to-end. So although we are not anonymous, we are a lot more secure than other VPN providers.

My Thoughts

I appreciate VyprVPN contacting me about the inaccuracy of my statement in my review. I will continue to update this series with more information about the service as I use it on more of my devices and on a couple different networks. I am sorry for any confusion I have caused and hope for everyone’s continued interest in this series on VyprVPN.


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