Phil’s software review #4 – Acronis Disk Director 12

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Managing partitions usually makes me squirm. I use windows, so I’ve never bothered to learn how to use GParted or any other linux software. Accidentally formatting a hard drive is so easy, and trying to clone one by copying and pasting all the files is a massive pain.

Acronis disk director solves all of these problems, and way more. It lets you manage partitions, recover them with ease and check the health and speed of your different drives. For the more advanced, Acronis lets you use multiple hard drives to make up one volume, and see lots of detailed information about your disk.

Whether you want to do lots of really clever things with your different drives, or simply want to manipulate a few partitions, Acronis Disk Director is a great, easy to use program with a (fairly) low price point.


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