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recently I have been working a lot with the Drupal content management system designing web pages for my ventures and for my clients. I have been on a quest to become more adept at customizing Drupal and writing custom code for pages via PHP.

I am fairly versed in scripting languages having been a Unix/Linux System Engineer my entire career, so the basics of most programming languages aside from certain syntactical elements is covered for me.

What I found recently which I should have expected is a great deal of fanaticism regarding particular scripting and programming languages in the field of web programming. When ever I seem to ask a question regarding PHP and it’s popularity I am almost always met with a reply to the affect of you should forget PHP and learn or work with Ruby.

It seems everyone has their favorites and reasons why their’s is better then any of the others. This is above and beyond the regular statement of use what ever tool is best for the task type of reply. I think this type of fanaticism is fine for peoples likes but I think for newbie programmers it makes it very difficult for them to choose what to learn first.

I am not a zealot of any particular language or even operating platform for that matter. I think most all of them have a place and a reason to use them in the larger ecosystem. I am of the opinion that you use what ever tool necessary to accomplish a job as long as that tools strength’s help give you and advantage of some kind to complete the task.

Don’t get me wrong I have my favorites, being a long time SysAdmin Perl is near and dear to my heart as is shell scripting but I wouldn’t tout Perl as the end all be all for scripting languages for system, webpages or otherwise.

With that being said I am doing a deep dive into PHP because for me it will be most functional and useful for what I am trying to accomplish. It obviously isn’t what the cool kids are doing and I will admit for that reason my next deep dive will be into the ruby programming language which I am hoping will be a quicker learning experience after I get better with PHP.


Chris McAuliffe

I am technologist with nearly 20 years experience in designing, testing, supporting and building medium to large infrastructures. Over the years I have supported or built local area networks, Windows server, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX and other even older variants of OS. I love technology both hardware and software. I like fixing things and diagnosing performance issues. I also love building technology. I love building new iron as well as configuring virtual machines. I love building webpages and learning scripting and programming languages. I learn new concepts quickly and I am able to relate knowledge of specific subjects to technical problems to come up with solutions that aren't always the norm but can are effective. I do not believe in the status quo and believe there is always a better way to do things. Improving one's work and one's life is a life long quest for me!

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