Build your website offline with USBWebserver

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Do you build websites ? How ? Online or offline ?
I did both online and offline, and I will tell you why offline is better in this post.

To be more clearly: Your website must be online always, but instead of building it directly online, you better build it offline, and then you push your files to the server when the website is ready. And I am talking about programming a website, not about building it using web platforms (like WordPress for example).

Offline is more secure

When you build websites you will get a lot of errors and bugs, and you don’t want your visitors to see the errors. And let’s say that you want to echo an array with usernames and passwords from database, for debugging, you definitely don’t want your visitors to see that.

Offline is faster

When you build your website online you may use FTP to edit the files that are on your server. The file is downloaded, you do your programming, the file is sent back to the server and then you have to access your webpage in your browser to see the result. That is slow !
When you build it offline you just open your local files, you do your programming, save, access your webpage from your browser and done ! Everithing is done locally on your computer, is faster, and you don’t even need a internet connection to do it.

Offline is awesome with USBWebserver

To build your website locally you need to install a software in your computer with Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. The most popular softwares for local webserver are XAMPP and WampServer, but the XAMPP installer has 125 MB and Wamp installer has 32 MB and you have to download, then install it, and you may have to configure it.

usbwebserver screenshot

I recommend you USBWebserver ! You have to download the zip archive, unzip, start, and done ! You can begin building your website locally on your computer. You can even copy your USBWebserver software on your USB or CD and it will work on other computers too !

Download USBWebserver now !


Andrei Telteu

I'm an 17 years old guy from Romania, technology enthusiast, web developer, and certainly a fan of the Eli The Computer Guy tech talk show.

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