Improving Your Business Workflows With Document Management

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Document Management is something that can seriously reduce your business expenses and increase the efficiency of your business. Document Management also can help you move towards a paperless office or towards a paper reduction strategy.

My workplace has allowed me to be trained in the Therefore Document Management System and I have also had the opportunity to work with SharePoint.

What is document management?

Document Management is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner or put in the Document Management system before printing even occurs.

Some points about document management?

Document Management can allow you to(This depends on which document management solution you go with and what features are available on it):

  • Monitor the workflow process and find times that workflows are held up
  • Quickly retrieve documents from a digital archive
  • Send notifications to people that need to action a document (eg. invoice comes in, then manager will approve it, then finance will pay)
  • Reduce space where paper was stored
  • Create access based security so only users that are approved can access documents, this can reduce the change of industrial espionage.
  • Ability to do full text search if you are not sure what the document is called
  • Ability to be cloud hosted and be accessed from anywhere
  • Increased reporting ability including time tracking and ability to track the amount of work staff are doing

How can Document Management increase efficiency?

  • Track document workflows and find bottlenecks then find a resolution
  • Reduce data entry
  • Reduce staff
  • Reduced time to look for archived documents by being very searchable and not having to go to find the document

Here is an example say your business has seven administrative officers and one of there jobs is to go through the mail and sort out all of the invoices and then take them to the manager for approval.

Then the manager has to go through a big pile of invoices and approve them all, then they need to go to the payments officer and get paid.

Now with document management you can receive all of your mail and put it in a scanner then each invoice can get separated and sent to the appropriate place. So in the case of invoices they would get scanned and automatically routed to the manager for approval, then automatically routed to the payments officer for payment. That either makes the person that sorts the mail redundant or free to do other work.

Now that is just one example, you can imagine the implications of this across a whole business.


Jake Gardner

Jake is an IT Consultant/Systems Engineer that works for a business that offers services to SMB clients. He runs his own business that delivers solutions geared towards online marketing and web design.

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