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Video Game Software is a leading business in modern day society. Either on consoles or the latest mobile device, everyone plays games. But how do games work? Sure there is people specialized for the Arts part of every game, but at the end of the day, you need the correct code to make it run.

For beginners, there are multiple categories in the real-world of game programming. There is people specialized people in Network Operations, which focus on DRM and Multiplayer, as well as Graphics Programmers, who draws buffers and vectors on the screen. And finally there are Gameplay programmers, whom do operations to get input and call the output of things. There are many more categories and sub-categories, but these are the top three. (Note: For a more breakdown of jobs, always has more detail on positions and requirements).

The first step is to decide what you really want to do. Programming is not easy, and needs excellent math skills in all of the programming world. So learning to program is the first part of everything. However, each product has a different set of programming “flavors”, and have specialized classes, etc. So deciding which device is your big goal is the most important. Keeping in mind, no start-up company will get PlayStation or Xbox dev-kits without the big buck($$$), so the obvious thing to do is start small. Open devices at low cost are: Iphone Software, Android Software, PlayStation®Mobile Software and PC. Once you have decided, learn what languages they use. Java, C#, C++, etc. and get the basic knowledge of it!

Once learning the language you want to obtain a license for that platform. This is very simple, but may take a while. Once you have, must of them will have fees and will charge to publish your game/app at the end.

This was the basic overflow of starting game development. Please stick tune to part 2 only on


Katy Pillman

Katy Pillman is the Lead Programmer for Tactician Studios LLC. She is young, but experienced in the technical field, and writes in her free-time. △ ◎ × □

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