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    Here are some more cool apps that I have found on the Google Play Store. Some of these may be available for iOS, but I have a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Chrome Remote Desktop– This app from Google allows you to control a computer with the Chrome extension installed. It is cool but also scary knowing that a Google account and a six digit PIN are all that are separating someone from controlling your computer remotely. It is handy if you leave your computer on in a different room and need to control or check the status of it.

Golly– This app is a free, open source, and cross-platform program that demonstrates Conway’s Game of Life (which is not really a game at all) and other mathematical simulations using little dots. If you have not heard of Conway’s Game of Life, you need to learn about it now!

Google Opinion Rewards– This app from Google awards you money to use on the Google Play Store for answering surveys about different things. You can get basically receive apps of your choice for free by answering surveys for Google, although it takes a while to get your first survey after the initial ‘prove you are human survey’.

VLC for Android Beta– This is the android version of the open source media player. It is still beta and occasionally crashes, but isn’t that bad.

250+ Solitaire Collection– This app has nothing to do with tech, it has 253 different types of solitaire that you can play. You can even create your own! Never run out of versions of solitaire when you need something to occupy yourself for long periods of time or when taking a break to decompress from all the pressures of the high-tech world.

GOdroid– This app also has nothing to do with tech, but it is a free, open source game that upon first reading the rules seems extremely easy. Upon playing against the computer, however, it proves to be very complex and strategic. The game involves territory and capturing the opponent’s pieces.

CCleaner– This app is recently out of beta testing. It is not as functional as the Windows version yet, but it shows promise. I love the desktop version.

Chrome Beta– You can test the newest features of Google Chrome. I have yet to see it crash; it is quite stable for beta.

Spiceworks Mobile– This app allows you to connect to the Spiceworks Community. You can ask or answer questions about computer topics such as sites in active directory or just read articles.


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