Do you know UNIX has a commercial version as well…???

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As we know the Linux is the clone of UNIX ,which is well knows to us as Open Source, meaning freely available to access and modify source code. Apart from this, do you know UNIX has commercial version as well ? Read This…

Today’s technology is always one step ahead of our imagination and the types of computer technologies changing by generations.There are plenty of technologies has been growing day by day with our daily life.Meanwhile,the technology which always has crucial role and we are very familiar with is the Processor.

Though the majority of the systems use single processor, Multiprocessor growing in importance. As name suggests, two or more processor in close communication called Multiprocessor (parallel systems or tightly couples systems). Increase the number of processor expect to get more work done in less time.

Today, multiple processor system in use are two types namely Asymmetric Multiprocessing (ASMP) and Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP).  ASMP is the processor assigned to specific task in which Master processor controls the system and the other processors either look for master instructions or have predefined tasks, which is called MasterSlave relationship. Master schedules and allocates work to slave processors.

On the other hand, SMP performs all the tasks within the Operating System and all processors are represented as peers so that there is no master-slave relation exist. As example of SMP is Solaris, a commercial version of UNIX designed by Sun Micro-systems. The major benefit of this model is that many processes can run simultaneously without causing disturbance to the performance.A multiprocessor system will allow processes and resources to be shared dynamically among the processors. Virtually all modren operating systems including windows, Macintosh and Linux now provide support for SMP


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