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I tend to think the data on a computer is more valuable than the computer itself including its software and hardware. So what if something happens to your computer and all of your data is gone? If you ever backed it up then you shouldn’t worry as much but if you didn’t then that’s a nightmare.

There are a number of pieces of software including Acronis True Image for backing up a computer. I personally prefer Acronis True Image for its capabilities.

What is Acronis True Image?

Its a piece of software that takes a snapshot of your computer and stores that as an “image” meaning the data in the image is the exact data on your computer. The process of taking a snapshot is called imaging. If for instance you stored the image on your external hard drive, you can be able to recover all the data in the image should anything happen to your computer and render it useless.

Main Features

  • You can do a “Disk and Partition backup”, File backup, email backup and nonstop backup
  • Ability to create a bootable media such as USB/DVD/CD and backup your computer from it if you can hardly boot up your P.C
  • Ability to recover your data from the image
  • You can backup your P.C to an online storage or Acronis Cloud
  • You can backup your computer to a local storage for example a local hard drive or to an external media e.g external hard disk or a USB drive with adequate space.

The Coolest Feature about it

Once you create an image, all of the windows permissions disappear. If you are recovering your data on another computer you won’t have nightmares trying to by pass permissions if by the time of taking the image your computer’s was password activated. You can navigate through the image with a computer with Acronis True Image installed as if it were a folder with no windows permissions at all! I actually tested this feature and didn’t see those terrible window permissions.

Download Process

The file is relatively big. It’s about 269 MBs. I was impressed by the download process because the connection to their ftp servers seems to be pretty fast. Sometimes it’s not about your ISP providing you with slow speeds but the connection to the web server itself. So I must confess I liked the speed of their servers.

Activation Process

Acronis True Image is a commercial software. Activating it is very fast. I think it takes a fraction of a second only.

User Interface (UI)

The user interface is very user friendly. You can literally back up your computer in 3 steps only. No need to study documentation!

Acronis True Image UI

Acronis True Image UI

How big is the image after a backup?

I backed up my D drive (about 48.8GB) with 40.9 GB used space and 7.9 GB of free space. The final image was only 13.0 GB. How cool is that? Acronis True Image compress the image so I think that’s cool. The duration for a backup process is dependent on the size of your hard drive. In my case, it took about 19 minutes.

The cons

Acronis True Image works fine but you can legitimately use it on one computer only. If you want to use it on multiple computers then you have to pay more.


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