Send an email using telnet.

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When troubleshooting your email issues you may want to test your outgoing email server to make sure that it is both up and that the SMTP service is working correctly.

Follow these commands to send using telent:

  • telnet <your outgoing mail server> 25
  • HELO <mail server your receive from>
  • MAIL FROM: <your email address>
  • RCPT TO: <who you want to send to>
  • DATA

Then you will need to hit enter and type your email. Then to send your email put a full stop on a line by itself and hit enter.

Then you will receive an output similar to:

250 2.0.0 JDIOjklads768967 mail accepted for delivery

telnet smtp server

Then you check the other email address that you have sent your email to and if it is received on that end you know that the outgoing mail server is not your issue.

I do use these commands regularly to troubleshoot email issues at clients sites and it is quite helpful. If you cannot send through the outgoing mail server you may want to check if you have been blacklisted on the spam list. You can check this at MXToolbox which is a free online service for troubleshooting mail issues.

You may also like this email about exchange not receiving emails.


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