Quantum Computing, Coming Soon?

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Amazingly, computers have been around  a half-century now.  Moore’s law has shown us that the number of transistors in a circuit generally double every two years, and this has brought fourth a stupendous change in the way we work, the way we play, and has had an impact on everything we do in our short lives. We have seen alot of evolution in the computing industry, and the field has changed drastically over even the past decade. But we are at the doorstep of an even greater leap forward, a true revolution: Quantum computing.

Microsoft’s Play

According to The New York Times, Microsoft is funding a group of engineers, computer scientists and physicists that are working on a project that even those familiar with the concept of quantum computing will have a hard time grasping.  Its risky business, because the type of quantum computing Microsoft is working on is based on physics that we don’t fully understand, according to the NYT:

Microsoft’s topological approach is generally perceived as the most high-risk by scientists, because the type of exotic anyon particle needed to generate qubits has not been definitively proved to exist.

However, Microsoft is spending massively on working with research groups exploring this area of physics, and its betting that its investment will pay off.

The Purpose

Quantum computing is going to change everything, and scientists believe that the power hidden inside will allow us to solve questions we cannot yet even define.  Is this the first step towards a better understanding of the universe and the betterment of humanity? Or is this the prelude to  Skynet and the destruction of the world as we know it?


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