NETGEAR R8000 – 6 Antennas, Wirless AC

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Today, Netgear announced a new high-end Wireless AC Home router, dubbed the R8000, which will replace its current top-dog the R7000. This massive router features not 3, not 4, but 6 active antennas, giving you a MASSIVE 2598Mbps on the 5GHz band. We are in age now where the maximum throughput of wireless devices MORE THAN DOUBLE traditional gigabit ethernet wired connections. However, this amount of throughput is only possible on a device that also supports 6 streams, and most client adapters  are limited still to two (867Mbps). Still, with 10 Gig-E still pretty far from adoption in homes and small offices, this may mark a substantial change in how  we operate in these environments.

The bottleneck between wireless devices and wired devices is no longer the wireless standard, and is instead the wired standard. It is quite amazing to me that I could soon have the ability to transfer files from my laptop to my NAS at a faster rate than from my desktop to my NAS. This could all be done without expensive hardware, nothing more than a consumer level wireless router and a couple of good quality wireless NICs.

If we look at Cisco’s whitepaper on this, the speed increase isn’t going to stop here. In the not too distant future we will see wireless speed increase to between 3470-6930 Mbps if the correct conditions are met. I love technology.

You can pre-order the new device today, for $300 on Amazon or Newegg


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