Mac DVD Ripper X Review

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First Impression

On my first impression on opening DVD Ripper Pro – Really sleek looking… thought it looked like a really good program and it didn’t take me long to dive in and test it out…..


Interface on this software is really nice, I thought it was very user friendly but that is my opinion…. Easy to navigate to different options….

Testing the Software

In my profession I burn a lot of ISO images, so right off the get go I put a DVD in my Apple Super Drive and spun an ISO image man what usually takes about 30 minutes only took about half the time with this DVD Ripper Pro Software… So that was a big plus for me anytime you can speed a process up in my opinion is awesome….

Overall Rating

I would probably rate this software a 8 out of 10, there is probably a few tweaks they could work on to make it a 10, but software companies don’t want a perfect product because then they wouldn’t need any updates or support… Where they make all there money….

Thanks Ed

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