Implications Of No High Speed Internet

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Brief Overview

In Australia we had a planned rollout of fibre to be installed throughout the country. This plan was referred to as the NBN(National Broadband Network).
Since the election the new government have changed the plans from fibre to the premise(laying fibre optics to most houses and business) to fibre to the node(using the existing copper phone network with fibre to nodes then connect to the existing copper network).


What does this really mean for general Australian public?

Well for most households this means not being able to stream media in high definition unless they are close enough to the telephone exchange to get a reasonable speed which is not that far, only a few kilometers.

What does this mean for Australian Businesses?

With so much emphasis being put on cloud business solutions such as Office 365, Google Apps, AutoDesk 360 and Xero bandwidth issues can have serious productivity implications on business.
With many businesses in my area having less then 5 megabit ADSL speeds what happens when you have 20 people all using cloud software at once. You can see the issue cant you?

With the majority of businesses relying on ADSL2+ with a download speed of 20Mb and upload or 1Mb how can business fully utilise cloud infrastructure.

Ontop of that how can Australia compete with other countries that have high speed internet in order to provide cloud services. The price of labour is already alot more than other countries and the internet speeds are slower also.

Fibre to the premise is scaleable and can in theory allow internet speeds to keep increasing over time, whereas using the existing copper network is pretty much at its full potential. What happens when consumers need more?



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