Editorial: Russia To Replace US Computer Chips

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The NSA Strikes Again

Paranoia surrounding the NSA’s possible intrusion into a secret backdoor inside of Intel and AMD processors has just cost the two companies around 3.5 billion in lost revenue from the Russian government.  The Russian government plans to transition all of its computer assets to home grown chips, based on 8-core A57 ARM chips, called Baikal. these chips are being made, surprisingly, by a company called Baikal Electronics.

This comes at a time when even American’s are scrambling to hide their data,  noted by the rise of a wide variety of VPN services being offered around the world. It seems they have forced average American households to resort to buying services they probably would not have purchased otherwise. It also seems that the spying apparatus in this country has cost the American people over $52 billion in tax dollars, while simultaneously causing American bushiness to lose international accounts.  This is just another example of how the government is hurting the economy and the American people, while providing no tangible benefit (also here). All they are doing is are making the proverbial haystack bigger, making it even more difficult to find the needle.


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