What capacity should an SSD have for Windows ?

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Most SSD drives can be purchased with capacities starting from 128GB to 1TB. Depending on the capacity of your SSD, the price will also cost more.

But it is not necessary to buy large capacity SSD. In this review we explain why:

What you need: a fast quality SATA HDD (7200 rpm) and a good SSD. In your PC you connect the SATA HDD as a second drive and the SSD as your first drive.

The better SSD drives, such as the Samsung 840 PRO have built in a weird piece of software. Suppose you buy a 256GB SSD where you install your OS on. Download and install all updates for your OS.

Now the weird software comes from your SSD. Almost all programs you install, ask you in which folder you want to install the program. Obviously, this is normal in c:\user name\program files\ ….. Here you can change this by now creating a folder in your SATA HDD.

As an example we take the install for Firefox. On your SATA HDD, create a new folder “Firefox”. Start the installation for Firefox and when you get to where it needs to be installed, you changed the pad to your SATA HDD with the folder name “Firefox”. Firefox will perform the install and put a shortcut on your desktop or in the start menu.

You can now run Firefox from your desktop or start menu, but with read speed of your SSD. This type of install you can with most other software programs do, and keep your SSD drive in a low occupancy.

Personally, I have a 256GB SSD and 1TB SATA HDD on my SATA HDD there is for 580GB software programs installed.


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