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I was given a license for Acronis True Image Premium 2014 to review by the wonderful folks at The software can be found at and costs $79.99. There is a free trial available, but migration is disabled. Below is a screenshot of the user interface that I took when the program opened up.

On the bottom, the buttons take you to the backup and recovery screens. After the items you wish to backup, the destination of the backup, and the type of backup are chosen, you can back up the files.

Sit for a minute and make sure it is working, perhaps walk away for a bit and get a cup of coffee, and then come back. The computer should have backed up to the chosen location. In the case above, that location is a USB flash drive.

It is possible to migrate to a different computer, so I decided to recover my own computer to another. It took a couple of tries, but I figured it out after reading the manual. Even geeks need to read the manual sometimes (but not often!). The backup has to be on a drive formatted in either FAT or NTFS. Since FAT can only support file sizes up to one byte less than 4 GB, NTFS is the best option. The actual boot media has to be formatted in FAT, but you can put the actual backup on a separate drive. I copied the backup to a 2 TB external hard drive and put the actual rescue media on a 4 GB flash drive. Unfortunately, I cannot show a screenshot of the rescue media that you can boot off of and use to backup or restore, since there is no real operating system running. It was rather easy though, just go into BIOS and switch the boot order, let the computer boot and figure out the software from there.

As soon as I upgrade my current computer to a new one (MacBook Pro with a Retina display), I will migrate Windows over to a virtual machine. To be extremely succinct this software does exactly what it is supposed to do. I am quite excited about this software and am glad I could make a review on it.


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