Nvidia Announced First 64-bit ARM Architecture at ISC

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The 2014 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) is taking place this week in Leipzig Germany.

ISC is a world renown conference for High Performance Computing (HPC), networking, and storage. This year there are some 2.500 people attending with 300 presentations on the latest in the field of supercomputing. Topics being covered include visualization, parallelel programming, big data, and cloud systems.

Representatives from the biggest and most forward thinking tech companies in the world will be present discussing how they are pushing forward in (HPC).

Nvidia announced yesterday that multiple server vendors out there are using Nvidia GPU accelerators to develop the world’s first 64-bit ARM systems for HPC.

To quote the Nvidia Press Release:

“ARM64 server processors were primarily designed for micro-servers and web servers because of their extreme energy efficiency. Now, they can tackle HPC-class workloads when paired with GPU accelerators using the NVIDIA CUDA® 6.5 parallel programming platform, which supports 64-bit ARM processors.”

“Featuring Applied Micro X-GeneARM64 CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla® K20 GPU accelerators, the new ARM64 servers will provide customers with an expanded range of efficient, high-performance computing options to drive compute-intensive HPC and enterprise data center workloads.”

Nvidia plans to release the new GPU accelerated ARM64 systems next month via Cirrascale Corp and E4 Computer Engineering. Further platforms will be released the before the end of the year.



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