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Students from the Berghs School of Communication have created a fictional concept app called Google Gesture for the the competition Future Lions in Cannes.

The goal of the festival is to recognize and encourage student creativity. This year some 1,760 students from 40 countries submitted their ideas and creations to the event.

The challenge of this years Future Lions festival was to “Connect an audience of your choosing to a product or service from a global brand that wasn’t possible five years ago.”

There were five winners selected for the even including an idea for an app called “Google Gesture”. It’s akin to Google Translate in that it is supposed to be able to convert sign language into audio. A brilliant idea that I hope Google hears of and tries to bring into reality.

Click here to be taken to the projects Vimeo page.

And here  links to the designers personal websites.

David Svedenström 
August Östberg 
Ludwig Hallstensson 


Zachary Green

Zachary Green is an award winning 3D artist currently working in Simulation Design and Development for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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  1. Geek Brain June 24, 2014 at 9:12 am

    The interesting part is that this is probably doable with the current state of tech.

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