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I got the opportunity to spend one of my very precious days (not) at the IT department of a bank called SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken). SEB is a bank that operates in northern europe. And I would like to share my experience with you guys.

I was introduced to everyone by Sona Celik (she was the one who organized everything and I thank her for that), and after that, they gave me a tour in two of their server rooms (I really want to insert a hacking here joke but it feels a bit inappropriate).

It was really nice, they showed me both nasty and chaotic cabling, and they showed me very clean and very well managed cabling, which I think was really cool! They also explained how stuff works, and now I’ve got a better picture of “the real world of technology” (Thank you Eli, I love that sentence).

They also talked about their cooling system, which of course, is very important in a server room. The cold air came in from the front, went through the systems, and the hot air got exhausted from the back. And then the hot air would go up, through the roof, back into the air conditioners. They also said that when they got all the systems organized in lines, they would build a wall behind them to isolate the hot air, so that it would flow straight into the air conditioners instead of back to the front of the servers, and save electricity that way. It basically proves that they care about the enviroment and I think that is really, really nice.

After the tour in the server rooms, we went back up to the server surveillance center (it felt like I was visiting NASA). It was really exciting to be there, they told me how they discover and solve problems that might occur. They were actually working on an incident when I was there, and it was really cool to see that process.They were collaborating with another company and yes, they were ping-ponging the sentence “The problem must be at your end.”. It looked like a really stressful job. Well, now I’ve got a good reason to tell people that they shouldn’t be a jerk when customer support says that they’re working on the problem, because they really are working on the problem.

After that, I went to a meeting. The meeting was about some on-going projects. They were basically going through many different projects and talked about them.

After the meeting, I had lunch with some Order Delivery Managers. They were really nice and cool people. Order Delivery Manager kinda speaks for itself so there’s not much to explain there.

After the nice lunch, I met Johan Vieweg. He was basically the one that made this day happen and I really thank him for that. He explained to me what the bank does and he also gave me some really nice advice. He also showed me his part of the office and his schedule and he explained how the IT people and business people work together in this company.

After that, I went to another meeting, and this was an ordinary meeting. Nothing special, just a bunch of random, but kind of important horsecrap that everyone in the meeting should know.

Yea, that was pretty much my day at SEB. I think SEB is a really professional company. The way they do stuff is very professional and it certainely boosts their reputation (and the fact that they spend time and resources on 15 year old kids like me (It’s definately not a bad sign of a good and caring company)). Having SEB on your resume is not bad at all, to me its kinda like having Microsoft on your resume.

I am one of their clients but I don’t really use a lot of their services, all I do is to save my $$$ in a bank account. So yea, I don’t buy or sell any houses, I don’t buy or sell any shares, so I can’t talk much about their services.

If I was an educated geek today, I would really love to work there (you know what, as soon as I feel qualified, I’m going to mail them my resume and see what happens). They have really cool people working there, the enviroment is really nice, they have a couple of nice coffee stations (which I think is very important (at least for me)) and it’s pretty organized.

Wow.. I was supposed to talk about my day and it ended up being a “company review”. Well, I think they deserve this, so I am promoting them with a smile on my face.

I learned a lot during my day there and I met a lot of nice and cool people. I’m thanking Johan Vieweg, Sona Celik and everyone else I met, I had a great day.


Ivan Ahmed

15 year old geek that has a hard time to choose between IT and programming..

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  1. Martin Lehner June 24, 2014 at 10:36 am

    That’s a great review of your day Ivan. These kind of “job shadowing” days are really great, because you get to see what the actual work environment is like. Go on more of these if you ever get the chance!

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