You most probably need a NAS.

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Do you want a Server but don’t know where to start or what you need?

With our devices getting more and more files, it is getting harder to manage your files. A NAS stands for Network Attached Storage which, as the name implies, is almost like a file server + much more. Back in the day, NAS were just file servers which has to do one thing, Store files and share it to the appropriate people in the network. But now NASes are power packed almost replacing a home server.

So before you jump to the conclusion that you need the to learn Microsoft Server or Linux to do something, consider a NAS.

Why do I need a NAS?

NAS can improve your networking life dramatically. It let’s you share files in your network and over the internet. It let’s you stream your media all throughout your house, with your phone, any devices really… As long as its connected to a network (doesn’t even need to be the same network really, because internet.) It frees up your work machine. Most NAS are designed to run on very low requirements and very low power footprint.

So, what kind of NAS do I need?

Oooh! The Drobo mini…

There’s a lot of NAS in the market, there’s Drobo, Synology, Seagate, Transporter, QNAP and the list goes on. But you know, its essentially a Computer, and what’s fun in buying when you could make your own!

and are the current best choices for a NAS Operating System both are built with FreeBSD as a base but do not worry, you wont need to tinkle with a command line to get this up and working. Both of these choices operates within a web interface. Fantastic!

FreeNAS 9 – Web Interface


NAS4Free – Web Interface

There’s a lot of things to talk about when talking about NAS, you could go very cheap and use existing hardware or go uber and get a new server grade components for a NAS. It all comes down to what kind of data you are installing. Critical Data needs expensive equipment, because components fail and data may corrupt. But if you’re just streaming easily replaceable data such as your music collection downloaded from somewhere, you could go cheap.

As for me, I use my NAS if I need to show something really quickly, like watching my movie collection, or showing photos that I took from a recent trip, and to stream music. All of my files are backed up somewhere safe and I have no worries about them getting corrupted because I could easily just replace them.

Both FreeNAS and NAS4Free are fantastic NAS Software Operating Systems. Both can use and operate:
1. Samba – if you’re on Windows this is important. It lets you share your files to a Windows Machine.
2. FTP – so you could transfer and gather data from your NAS
3. Upnp – Streaming yay!
4. Web Server – So you could host your own website.
5. Bittorrent – So that your work PC doesn’t need to run 24/7 when downloading torrents.

I can’t emphasize enough that if you value your data, then you wouldn’t put it in a decrepit system.

Convinced? Download the ISOs and try it on a Virtual Machine!


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