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Consider a situation where you want to rip a DVD directly to the format of your choice. Well, Macx DVD Ripper Pro for windows can help you accomplish that. With a few clicks of a button, you’ll be in the process of ripping and converting a DVD concurrently. Not only that but also ripping your DVD collection offers you backup solutions because you’ll have a copy on your computer should anything happen to your DVD collection.

User Interface

When you start Macx DVD Ripper Pro for windows, a friendly user interface appears and you are provided with 3 steps only to accomplish what you want. I find the provision of the steps intuitive because I really have no time to go study the documentation.

Output Profile Category (formats)

The user interface offers “Output Profile Category” which should help you choose a desired a format for example, Apple Device, Android Mobile, Microsoft Device, PC General Video e.t.c.

I tried ripping and converting concurrently my 2 hour DVD movie “The Social Network” into MOV video (MPEG4) format and the conversion was actually lossless! This is not always the case because I’ve ever converted my DVDs into other formats using other pieces of software and experienced loss in video/audio quality after conversion.

Mobile formats

I also tried ripping and converting the same movie (about 4.2 GB) into MP4 format for my Android Device. The size of the mp4 movie was reduced  4 times (1.03 GB) but the quality remained the same – loseless. Well this saved me some space despite the movie being 2 hours long.

The only thing I disliked about the Macx DVD Ripper Pro for windows is that its processing is lengthy. For my 2 hour Movie, it took between 2 and 2.5 hours. I guess that should be blamed on the power of your machine anyway.

Please note Macx DVD Ripper Pro for windows is a commercial piece of software and so you will have to activate it before using it.


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