How I was able to use to improve my (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

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I have made it a little side challenge to promote my personal group on Facebook called “Tech Frugality“. From listening to Eli the computer guy’s daily YouTube show, I am seeing that this site is getting a lot of traffic. I do not claim to be a specialist in the realm of SEO. However, I do understand how Google uses a concept called “meta tags” for their search engine indexing. So all I have done to promote my product was to simply find a site that is getting high traffic and proceed to post my information with a specific strategy in mind.

I have had my Facebook group for a month or two and it never appeared under Google’s search results using the keywords: “Tech Frugality Facebook.” Last week, I saw that by doing that same search I was number 3. Today I searched and I now see that I am number one on that criteria! I have also been receiving many requests to have people join my Facebook group!  All I have done since last week was to start posting my stuff to Google+ in addition to adding information to this site and relevant data in the SEO settings on the bottom. Specifically, all I did with regards to the SEO Settings is post my web site and keywords that I wanted to appear on the Google search results in the “Tag title” and “Meta Description” area of the “Search Engine Listing” tab.  ::See pic below:::


I am not sure how long this glory will last but If you find a better way or another tip to optimize SEO please comment! Thanks for reading.


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Joey Graziano

IT Generalist and Cloud computing consultant for the last 10 years with over 20 years as tech consumer and geek. I am beta testing a concept called Tech Frugality where I will write posts or compile posts that empower people how to use technology to destroy poverty! Upon interest, there will be a web site etc. I am looking for more ideas please share your opinion!!! Follow my on my Social Channels! (Links below my pic.)

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    UPDATE: If you Google, “Joey Graziano SEO” I am the top 6 hits! That means all you see is me and my beautiful material until you scroll.

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