Free universal note taking application for ALL modern operating systems

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Are you a note taker? Do you make numerous to-do lists? Would you like a very simple way to take quick notes on any device that has access to the internet? Would you like all your mobile note taking to also be available on your computer?

Google Keep is for you! This is not an Evernote or Onenote replacement. This is a simple way to take notes on any device that will instantly sync with your Google account. For instance, I have an ongoing grocery list, workout list and daily objective of things I want to get done. I make a separate note for all those. I am also in school and use Google Keep when I am doing research for papers. It is extremely convenient for on-the-go instant note taking with instant syncing to your Google account and works on any device that has a modern web browser. Try it now, it’s free!


Android App

App store search “Google Keep”


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