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I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the beta edition of Video Editor 4.0 by Wondershare. The beta version of this software was provided at no charge to me by I have no affiliation with Digiarty Software and have not been paid any compensation for this review.

Video Editor 4.0 is a software that allows you to do video editing.

Installation & Operation

The installation on my desktop went without issue, and was quite quick.

Once the program was installed, I opened it. The main window is very simplistic. You have the option to create a new 4:3 or 16:9 movie, open a recent project, or Quick Edit or Advanced Edit. I opted for the Quick Edit, which brought me to a wizard.

The first section of the wizard asked me to select a template to start working with. There was one template called “Dancing Night”, which I clicked on. I then got a pop-up error that said “GdiplusInvalidParameter”. OK, not sure what that’s all about, but I assume it’s something to do with the software still being in beta. I clicked OK and continued on.

The next section allowed me to add a media file of my own, so I chose a small video file that I always use for this type of testing.

The next section gave me a preview of the video, and also allowed me to import music if I wanted. I tested this, and it’s neat, the music will import and play throughout the entire video regardless of how many individual videos you are merging together. There was another option, a check-box named “Add Smart Transitions”. I’m assuming this is for transitioning from one video to another (since you’re merging videos here), but from my test file, I couldn’t tell any difference between having this option selected or not.

The final section allowed me to export the newly created merged video file. I was prompted with a screen that allowed me to choose between different devices and options for the output video file. Smartphones and mobile devices were among the list, although again, like the AllMyTube software, my Galaxy S4 was not listed. The S3 was, which is what I would have used, and presumably been fine with. There were options for direct upload to Facebook and YouTube, as well as direct-burn to DVD. For this review, I chose a basic MP4 video format for my desktop. The conversion was fairly quick, albeit we were only talking about a 20 second video clip.

The resulting video file was of great quality, and I was very happy with it.

I attempted to use the ‘Advanced Edit’ section, but I constantly received the “GdiplusInvalidParameter” error, so I wasn’t able to do much. Essentially, this editor gives you more granular control over the video files, allowing you to insert text and other items into the video at certain time stamps. The features seemed to follow the basic standard of other video editors, so I wouldn’t expect too many surprises if you’re more of a pro when it comes to video editing.


Being that this is a beta product, we’ll have to wait and see what the final release looks like. So far, it seems like a good quality software that does what it’s intended to do.

That being said, I absolutely loved the ‘Quick Edit’. I’m fairly savvy when it comes to video, but it’s not something I deal with day in and day out. I do need to use it as part of my job, for example when taking video of training sessions with clients, so I need to be able to make minor changes and quickly manipulate videos on the fly, without spending too much time on them. The ‘Quick Edit’ is absolutely perfect for this. I can add an intro quickly and easily, and even add audio / music if I want with literally just a single (OK, maybe double) click of the mouse.

I’m hoping that in the final version, we will be able to create our own ‘templates’, or at least be able to get access to a wider variety than the 1 that was included with this beta.


In conclusion, Video Editor 4.0 by Wondershare seems like a very promising product. There are obviously still some bugs to work out, and since this was a beta version, that was not unexpected. I’m very much looking forward to the final version and seeing what it’s like.


Martin Lehner

Martin Lehner is an technology professional working for an IT services firm in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada). He has been working in the technology field for over a decade. With a degree in Business Admin and numerous industry certifications, Martin leads a team of IT professionals that provide third party support for clients. Originally starting a company to offer web development services, Martin quickly realized that clients wanted the entire spectrum of technology services. When Martin is not at work (which is not often, since his company offers 24/7 support), he is busy at home spending time with his family.

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