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A team of NASA scientists headed by aerospace engineer Harold White have been doing research on what a possible space ship may indeed look like. To give their work life they turned to systems administrator and CG artist Mark Rademaker.


Rademaker has an impressive list of credits neath his belt including work on the latest Star Trek films which is obvious in the beauty of the IXS Enterprise. He spent a total of 1600 hours crafting this amazing piece of art.

“The ship has two thick outer rings (to reduce required energy) that generate the warp field – a contraction of space ahead, and expansion of space behind it. The space inside the rings is optimized to fit more space for cargo, crew and equipment.”


The goal of the design is to be able to generate warp travel, a method of traversing space faster then the speed of light. Apparently the theory is to bypass Einstein’s law, that nothing can go faster then light, by bending space time into a bubble around the ship.

“There’s no speed limit on the expansion and contraction of space,  you can actually find a way to get around what I like to call the 11th commandment: Thou shall not exceed the speed of light.”


It might not be feasible in the near future but  at least we get to enjoy these  stunning images crafted by Rademaker.

There are some interesting details about the project on Rademaker’s blog. He used 3DS Max 2014 to build it with the Power NURBS and translator plug-ins: and Arion to render it all into the gorgeous images presented here. It took 24 hours to render one solid HD frame.  The PC  that he used was equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan graphics card 


Click here to be taken to Mark Rademakers Flikr to see these images in their highest quality.


Zachary Green

Zachary Green is an award winning 3D artist currently working in Simulation Design and Development for the Oil and Gas Industry. zacharygreen614@gmail.com

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