Archos: $250 Dollars to Make Your Home “Smarter”

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Archos isn’t the biggest name in the world, but they have been in the market for a while. My first tablet was an Archos. But competing with the likes of big companies like Google and Apple is never really a good idea, but I like this solution: a baby step to home automation using nothing but a couple of sensors and a 7″ tablet on your existing wifi. For the $250 you get two wireless cameras, two movement tags and two weather tags to place throughout the house.

According to the article :

Archos’s cunning plan is in the future to start beefing up its lineup with a series of supported add-ons including a pet tracker, alarm siren, motion-detector and even a remote-controlled socket plugs.

It is unclear right now what exactly the software, which also comes in IOS and Android flavors, can do. But its an interesting play from Archos– trying to do more with the technology we have right now.


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