AMD to Increase Efficiency by 25% Over the Next 6 Years?

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AMD just recently announced that it plans to increase efficiency of its APU’s by 25% in the next 6 years. The company says die-shrinks, HSA and advanced power saving techniques will help the company more than double the efficiency it gained over the previous 6 years.  Between 2008 to 2014, AMD estimates it improved the “typical-use”energy efficiency of its products by over 10 times.

A big feat

As I’ve tried to convey in previous articles, the market is certainly changing. Its no longer a performance race between these companies, on the CPU/APU side of things or on the GPU side of things. Much of this has to do with Moore’s law, which appears to be slowing down. However, the much less cited Koomey’s law seems to still hold water, and will for much more time to come. While performance year-over-year may be slowing down, those smaller performance increases are in general coming with greater power savings. So rather than fight the trends of these laws and ultimately try and fight the laws of physics, AMD is adapting. Rather than creating another absurd 220w 5.0GHz processor, AMD is shifting its focus to developing a better performance per watt than its competition, which is something it trumpeted not too long ago.

This change in focus is coming during a changing market, a market which is going mobile. Desktop PCs are a dieing breed, as much as geeks like us don’t necessarily want it to.  As I’ve been saying in previous articles, things really are shifting focus a little bit, and big changes are coming.


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