MacX DVD Ripper Pro(for windows) Review

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Downloading this software seemed to take a long time. It is only 28MB download but it took over four minutes to download the installer.

This was not due to my internet connection, although it could have something to do with me being in Australia, I’m not sure.


Installation was very straight forward, just select next, next, next and then it is done.

User Interface

The user interface of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is quite nice, the colours are suttle silver and grey and it has a clear menu system at the top of the screen.


MacX DVD Ripper Pro has some awsome features some of these include:

  • Converting a DVD video disk to a media file that is playable on your computer, media center or phone. The files that can rip DVDs to are AVI, AVC, , WMV, MPEG, MOV.
  • When converting your DVDs to a file to can select output profiles to match the device or format that you would like to watch them on. MacX DVD Rippers output profiles are all to match apple products and software although it does have an option for PC General Video. These include iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iMovie and iTunes
  • Backing up DVDs to file(ISO or media file)
  • Cloning your DVDs to another disk
  • Cloning your DVDs to a folder
  • Option to select the amount of cores used for the processing of the video
  • Option to shutdown your PC when the DVD rip is complete

Converting the DVDs

When I was testing the conversion process DVD Ripper Pro didn’t use to much resources. My Intel i7 2600 CPU sat at 30 percent usage with the software set to use all eight cores. The RAM usage was not too resource hungry either, the most memory it was using was 74,234KB. Which was less then my browser was using.

I did notice that looking in the performance monitor it was actually only using between five and six cores.

The time took to convert the DVD to video was reasonable also. To convert a 1 hour and 48 minute DVD to video took 14 minutes. During this time my computer was fully functional(as I stated above it was only using 30% CPU and 70MB RAM) and no computer performance issues were visible.

Quality of Video Output

The video and sound quality of the files that are outputted from MacX DVD Ripper Pro were the same as if I opened the DVD in VLC and played it. The sound was also the same.

My Thoughts

MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows delivers in it promises, it is simple to use and the video output is good.

For backing up your DVDs this software is a very good solution.

The usability of the software is very good. I think I could easily teach my grandma how to use MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

At the time of writing this review the software is available for $39.95 which if you are going to use it as a backup solution for your DVDs it is a very reasonable price(assuming you have a lot of DVDs)

I did not get paid for this review. I did receive the software for free to review from


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