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I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows. The fully licensed version of this software was provided at no charge to me by, in exchange for a review and opinion by myself. I have no affiliation with Digiarty Software and have not been paid any compensation for this review.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows is a software that allows you to take a DVD disc and convert it to a digital media file format.

Installation & Operation

The installation on my laptop went without issue, and was quite quick.

Once the program was installed, I opened it. The main window is fairly simple. There are buttons along the top that allow you to select what you want to do. I popped in a DVD that I legally own (Anti-trust… yes, I chose that movie specifically for this review), and clicked the “DVD Disc” button. A window popped up asking what kind of output file I’d like to use. The default is an .avi video format, but if you look at the list on the left, there are numerous options including mobile video format (iPhone, Android, Microsoft device, etc). In fact, they have many, many devices to choose from. I found my Galaxy S4 smartphone (you’ll remember that this was missing from the AllMyTube review I did a while back), hooray! I also found my Microsoft Surface tablet, which I was quite surprised to see listed. It also had web formats like YouTube and Vimeo. There are a LOT of formats to choose from, which was great to see.

I chose to go with the general .avi that was defaulted. There is also a sliding menu that allows you to change the output quality of the video. Higher quality is depicted as being slower to process. Naturally, this makes sense. I left the default setting, which was directly in the middle of low and high quality. Next we’re brought to a screen where we can choose what title to convert and encode into our digital media file format. DVD discs usually have several titles, sometimes some of them are the previews, etc. “Title1” was default selected, and it was 1 hour and 48 minutes long, so I know this is the feature film. I then chose my destination output folder, and hit ‘run’. I will mention, before I hit ‘run’, I did notice that there was an option and drop down menu for selecting the amount of CPU cores for the software to use. I’ve used plenty of these types of programs before, but never before have I seen the ability to adjust CPU cores to be used (so you can force the software to not bog down your entire system while making the conversion and encoding). I found this a very, very nice touch.

Now, I had to wait for the DVD to be converted and encoded. How long this takes will really depend on your current hardware configuration. The better your processor, the faster your hard drive and the more / higher clock speed RAM you have, the less time it will take. I’m using a very entry level Dell Inspiron laptop (no, not the 7000 series that I did a review on earlier) that I use at home. It’s a basic Core i3 with 4GB of RAM and a 5400 RPM hard drive, running Windows 8. Nothing special here.

The process took 22 minutes in total. This was extremely fast, in my opinion. Again, I’ve used these types of programs before and let me tell you, you can sit there for HOURS waiting with some of them. It was a very pleasant surprise to not have to wait that long.

The resulting video file was amazing. The video and audio were certainly on par with DVD quality. There were absolutely no audio / video sync issues throughout the whole film (which can always be an issue with these encoding programs), and I didn’t notice any pixilation. Honestly, I’m not sure what more I could have expected if I had chosen the “high quality” encoding instead of the default.


This is by far the best conversion and encoding software I’ve ever used for getting DVD discs into digital media file format.

The program is simple, easy to use, doesn’t require the user to answer a million questions or decide on a million different features. The software does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it very, very well. Everything from the installation right down to the conversion itself is straight forward, and there is never a point where the user is left confused or unsure of what to do.


In conclusion, I found MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows to be a really great piece of software. It has been well designed, well thought out and, to be quite frank, is the best DVD conversion and encoding software I have ever used.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who needs to be able to convert DVDs into digital media file format.


Martin Lehner

Martin Lehner is an technology professional working for an IT services firm in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada). He has been working in the technology field for over a decade. With a degree in Business Admin and numerous industry certifications, Martin leads a team of IT professionals that provide third party support for clients. Originally starting a company to offer web development services, Martin quickly realized that clients wanted the entire spectrum of technology services. When Martin is not at work (which is not often, since his company offers 24/7 support), he is busy at home spending time with his family.

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