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MacX DVD Ripper Pro (Mac OSX)

Need to rip a DVD and make a digital copy of your DVD library?  Look no further, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is here!

Upon installing the program and then inputting the license key provided by Eli the Computer Guy, I was up and running in literally seconds.

Popped in my DVD and followed the steps on the screen, which were:

1. Click DVD button to load DVD.

2. Choose output format.

3. Click RUN button to start conversion.


And seriously, it was THAT EASY, I was up and running after clicking the RUN button.

But with that, I must state, the first attempt, I chose a high grade rate ‘MP4 Video (H264)’ (the highest setting) and Ice Age, an 81 minute movie took 1 hour 48 minutes and 48 seconds to rip.



• 720 x 404 1 Hour 21 Minutes 4 Seconds

• H.264


• 812.2 MB

Yes, that high setting was slow, but the results are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

My MacBook is a small 13 inch from 2009 Apple no longer sells, but she still has the power to go up hill.  Her specs:

Running OS X 10.9.2

Processor: 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 4GB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM




With anything newer that listed above, ripping a DVD should be no issue.  I ripped another DVD, my fave, Jurassic Park Collector’s Edtion.  I changed some settings, I chose a setting for Mobile Video for Apple Devices, iPad.

And the time to rip was DRAMATICALLY shorted, just over 40 Minutes to rip a 2 Hour and 7 Minute DVD.



But it took 30 minutes to convert (Step 3) the movie.  I did not catch that in the first rip’s time for conversion. Things I did not try:

• Multi-Formats other than MP4

• Extracted Audio and Snapshot Images from the DVD

I did not try them as I do screenshot (Shift+Command+3), though listed on the website:

I will have to state, my DVDs, Ice Age and Jurassic Park are normal DVDs.  If you have some complicated DVDs, not sure if the program will be as efficient.  Just a little heads up.

My thoughts:
This program is AWESOME!  Yes, I am going to rip my favorite DVDs, and put them on a 32GB Flashdrive so I can watch them ANYTIME.

Sure it takes time to rip each DVD, but this is not my main computer, so I can do it in the background while I work or while I sleep or stepping away for a bit.  But even on the MacBook, I was perusing websites, watch YouTube and doing email.  The MacBook whirled quietly like I was petting it gently with each keystroke.

In other words, there were no issues in performance. Another thing, as I awaited Eli to send me a license, I started dabbling with the demo version.  I do think the demo should have 10 to 20 minutes worth of Trial DVD Rip Time, if anything should be said. I am not a super experienced DVD ripper, I’m sure people with more experience could find something to complain about.

This is perfect for me and I am sure to tell my friends about it. For $39.99 it well worth that value for ease of use and quality of export.

Pros: Affordable, Effective, Quality Rips

Cons: The FULL Rip in Real Time may take a while depending on your export settings and it doesn’t give a Total Real Time Rip to see exactly how long it took to fully process from the time the RUN button was pressed.

OS: Mac OSX (but there is a Windows version MacX DVD Ripper Pro)

Note: I was not paid for this review and these are my words, experience and honest opinion.


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