System Mechanic by IOLO Technologies Review

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Hey Eli,
Thanks for the letting me review the System Mechanic Software by IOLO TECHNOLOGIES,
I gotta say the first time I used System Mechanic Software, I had a very bad experience with it. Since you sent me the new license to try it out, I put it on my PC at work where I’m a Full-Time IT Specialist and put it to work first thing…. I ran my first system check on my souped up IT PC and lone behold there were all sorts of stuff messed up with my PC… I let the System Mechanic Software run its fixes… Walah after about 25 minutes I had the Green light and was out of Pit Road. The Software works really well as today I left for my lunch break and came back and had a yellow light… click on the dashboard said there was something not right on the hard drive… Once again let the software run its Magic and less than a minute back to Green and on the track again….
All in all this software works really well as it’s Real-Time Monitoring makes a IT guys life much happier…
Thanks Again,

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