Phil’s software review #4 – iolo System Mechanic

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When I was given a licence of iolo system mechanic to review, I was intrigued. “How could any pc tune-up software be worth any money?”, I thought to myself. I am sure that most of you have used software like ccleaner to “tune up” your pc. Before I found out about iola, I used a piece of freeware called System Ninja. This functions similarly to ccleaner, but is free for commercial use, which is very important if you want to charge people for pc cleanups. What I liked about iolo System Mechanic is that it is very quick and stable. While freeware like ccleaner and System Ninja function, they are prone to crash and be generally laggy when you try to run them on a slow computer. iola’s software ran completely smoothly, with no ads or extra bloatware.

My first scan (usually the slowest) took no longer than 2 minutes, and when I clicked repair, the software took a few seconds to clean out 15gb of junk,

One noticeable thing about iola’s software that I really like is their startup program manager.

As I always say about programs like this, it is nothing particularly special, but if you want a nice, easy to use program with some nice function


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