Bleank’s Digital Painting Software “Black Ink”

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Bleank is an independent design studio that offers a multitude of services ranging from 3D painting to soft-ware creation and application.

Their latest piece of soft-ware “Black Ink” has entered opened Beta and I would encourage any budding artist to try it out.

Black Ink is set to revolutionize the way we view digital painting by rethinking the way individual brushes are created and how the soft-ware manages them. Traditionally the idea was always to replicate real world brush strokes as accurately as possible but Black Ink looks at it differently.

“Black Inks groundbreaking controller system opens a whole new world of possibilities in brush creation and customization. From simple stylus inputs to complex generative behaviors, anything is possible with the controllers.”                              -official website


 “The controllers use a simple node-based language to give you access to every brush parameter and create any behavior you can imagine.”                                                                    -official website


Black Inks performance is GPU based and allows a wide variety of massive resolutions ranging from 4K all the way up to 10K, allowing an immense amount of detail to be beautifully sculpted into your work.

I’ve downloaded and tried the beta version of the program and I must say it works beautifully. The executable was surprisingly small, around 14MB, and installed very quickly.


The interface is gorgeous and easy to navigate. A number of factors affect brush size, density, and color that at first may seem strange but is implemented well and works smoothly. Most pieces of painting or sculpting software have a rather steep learning curve as you try to adjust to that individual programs environment but I didn’t find that with Black Ink. I was able to immediately grasp the style of workflow and begin painting something.

They are also implementing a community service to allow artists to share their custom brushes as well as art work.

Overall I had a very pleasant experience using Black Ink and expect big things from Bleank in the future. Right now you can try the open beta for free or purchase a discounted license that will entitle you to a full version of the soft-ware upon release as well as all future updates.  I should also note that as of right now Black Ink is only available for Windows machines.


Zachary Green

Zachary Green is an award winning 3D artist currently working in Simulation Design and Development for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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