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Hello, this message is in response to the post: “ I Can’t Find A Use For A Tablet”.

All these new devices all serve a very specific purpose and I also do not believe that a tablet is for everyone. Although I see Mike’s point, let me attempt to make the qualifying case for a tablet using my life and a few other global perspectives.

About me,

I am a full throttle IT geek. If I am not developing javascript, I am either reading about tech, or helping someone decide which new piece of tech fits their life. during the day, I support and develop  web services for a global manufacturing company. At night, I am completing my last course online for my degree in CS, on the weekends I am doing video chats with a few business partners for the launch of a new web site by fall called techfrugality.com.

My tablet is the heartbeat of all these functions! My cell phone battery is already dead from all day use of ringing/texts etc. Also, the small screen on the phone is a terrible second device to support my endeavors. here are just a few bullet points of how a tablet helps me.

  • I can truly be remote with a device that will last 8-10 hours on battery of constant use and all day with moderate use.  90% of the applications I use run in the browser and I am able to support them remotely using a 7 inch tablet which is way more convenient and has exceedingly better battery life than a laptop. I 4.7 inch screen on my phone doesn’t cut it for proof reading spreadsheets or word press articles.
  • Second Screen functionality. If you have ever had to do web development or read step by step instructions, you know, its nice to have a second screen to inspect your work. I am able to work using my laptop anywhere and simply pull out the tablet as a second monitor for my laptop should I decide to work at a somewhere where it isn’t feasible to walk around with a second monitor. Like a sitting in a cafe while traveling Europe.
  • Media consumption.  Like I said earlier, not only is my phone dead from professional use at the end of the day, but the 4.7 inch screen just doesn’t cut if for reading the Wall Street  journal or playing final fantasy at the end of the day. The tablet also serves as a second phone around the house. I use it for skype video calls during the weekend when I talk to the folks. Again, for this use, the battery life makes it better than a laptop and the screen size makes it better than a phone.
  • Third world necessity. I have extended family in the DR and the median income where they live is $500 per month. If you have ever traveled to the DR  you would see, there aren’t many subsidized cell phone plans. Any modern $200 tablet at Walmart will serve their purpose for basic virus free computing and possibly an affordable smartphone alternative. I am not sure if you have seen the prices for your common iphone are galaxy s phones off contract, but it’s more than their months salary. And the fantastic apps that exist in the tablet ecosystem serve a great purpose even if you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to pay a monthly data plan.
  • A great Study buddy! As I mentioned above, I am completing my last class prior to graduation from an online college. I have used a tablet for most of my studying during this process. I have lots of books to read/material to study etc. After a long day at work, sitting in my chair with a tablet in my lap is way more comfortable than leaning over a coffee table with a laptop to change the page, take notes etc.

In closing,
I could probably rant on about the other benefits of a device that is a fraction of the price of a smartphone but still has all the available applications and functionality. And like a said above, It sounds like our buddy Michael Chase  may not have a need for his tablet. But I wonder, why hasn’t he sold it yet? Please comment and tell me what you use your tablet for. Thanks for reading!
Current Fanboy-ism: Nexus 7 (2013), Hisence Sero 7 pro for $50   


Joey Graziano

IT Generalist and Cloud computing consultant for the last 10 years with over 20 years as tech consumer and geek. I am beta testing a concept called Tech Frugality where I will write posts or compile posts that empower people how to use technology to destroy poverty! Upon interest, there will be a web site etc. I am looking for more ideas please share your opinion!!! Follow my on my Social Channels! (Links below my pic.)

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  1. Zachary Green June 18, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    I end up using my tablet mainly as a Netflix/Youtube machine in the kitchen while cooking, I enjoy the ambient noise even If I’m not paying direct attention to it. There’s definitely plenty of uses for such a device if you are willing to find them.

  2. Nick B. June 18, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Good article. I feel there’s a tool for every job. I still have a use for both traditional desktops and tablets. Computers exist to serve me and not the other way around. Any task done on a desktop can be completed faster than on a tablet end of story. Screen real estate, computing power and a traditional keyboard and mouse on a desktop will run circles around any tablet. You sacrifice these things for mobility when you use a tablet. If I’m on the creep tablets are awesome. I just don’t have any illusions that tablets will be replacing desktops anytime soon.

  3. genny March 27, 2015 at 1:06 am

    I use my tablet as a study buddy too! I’m attending offline college and all of our classes have pdfs online for studying. I run around in school with my tablet and the screen is perfect for reading the A4 size papers when I have a test coming up. 🙂

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