I Can’t Find A Use For A Tablet

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Judging by the title of this post, you might peg me as some kind of a noob.  After all, tablets, iPads and other touch-based devices are all the rage right now. You might even make the assumption that I don’t even own a tablet.

I assure you though, there are several tablets (or “paperweights” as I like to call them) laying around the house.

I just can’t find them a job other than holding down a bundling of assorted notes and other pulp related media.

As you may recall in recent times, The Death Of The PC was officially ushered in by various news outlets and fellow technologists alike. This brought out the “Uber Snarks” and folk who couldn’t wait to extinguish the embers of the supposed “Dying PC”.

And yet here I sit years later, still using the the PC I built before that time. Here I watch the gaming community explode with crazy new PC hardware mods. Newegg is still doing pretty good and my long time favorite magazine “Maximum PC” has still not shut down production.

I know, I know. PC sales are down and the industry is trying to cut the fat and tailor to customers wants and needs.

And according to the numbers, the world wants tablets instead.

So, as you sit there with your arms folded as I try and convince you that tablets are useless, first let me reiterate the fact that I’m not against tablets or iPads, nor do I think they are crap on a technical level.

I think they have plenty of good uses and correctly suit the needs of many around the world. My son (age 4) is an iPad wizard and my friends can’t seem to live without a high end Android tablet.

As for me, a tablet just doesn’t fit in with my daily regimen of computing tasks.

Here’s Why:


For quick access and light play, my Android phone is plenty lightweight and mobile for anything I need to do while touching a screen. Sure, the display isn’t very large, but if I need to move to a larger screen, it would usually be larger than what a tablet would offer anyways.


For work I use a Lenovo laptop. It’s not as light as I would prefer but it doesn’t travel very far either. It’s used for video/audio editing and also houses several virtual environments through VirtualBox. All my school work gets hammered through it as well. Recently, I installed XAMPP to start learning the Python programming language. These are things a tablet would do very poorly, if at all.


For a sidekick, I run an Acer C720 Chromebook. This little guy really helps to amp up my productivity levels. It rarely leaves my side and has been a lifesaver in so many situations. It turns on as fast as a tablet and it can be used for both work and play, depending on the type of work. This device is one of the main reasons a tablet is not part of my regular arsenal. Keyboards matter.

Home Built Rig

And last but certainly not least, the meat of my digital plate – my home build. Though it’s starting to show it’s age, (still room to upgrade) it’s no wear near death. With a decent 22” monitor and soon-to-have pair of Audioengine A5 monitor speakers, it still sits in the throne of my binary kingdom.

For better or for worse, a tablet just doesn’t meet any of my needs. For others, it is the perfect fit.

But it does serve as nice reminder that I don’t need to buy into all the latest gadgets and devices. And that sometimes bandwagons should be properly analyzed and evaluated before jumping on board.

More than anything though, a tablet (for me) is just a high-end paperweight.


Michael Chase

Michael Chase is a student at Penn State World Campus, enrolled at the College of Information Sciences & Technology. Through his studies and relentless digital pursuits, he strives to be the ultimate technologist with a passion for connecting people and things to our binary world. You can find him around the web as a VLogger, Social Media Warrior, Card Collector and Technology Advocate. Connect with Michael on Google+, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr and YouTube

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  1. Mark June 17, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    I totally agree, I use my tablet for note taking ,reading news, I think of a tablet as glorified e reader.

  2. Kris June 17, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    I’ve said the same thing time and time again, though I ended up buying 4 for my wife and daughters, if you want peace sometimes you abandon reason.

  3. Brian Amesse June 17, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    So true! I feel the same way and I believe it’s because of my phone. It does everything a tablet can do from my pocket. I love reading from my ipad but even then I always end up reading things from my PC or macbook.

  4. thexwarrior June 17, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    “More than anything though, a tablet (for me) is just a high-end paperweight”

    Agree … .

  5. Jay October 22, 2014 at 8:50 am

    There is indeed nothing a tablet can do quicker or better than a computer.

    The keyboard is usually too slow and takes up half the screen, which is a pain whenever you have to type something, which is quite often, browsing any page with any browser is slow and combersome.

    My entry level phone is actuallly faster than my GF’s tablet and she barely uses it anymore because it’s just too annoying and slow, even though it’s a later model samsung top of the line tablet she got last christmas.

    They are half everything, fully nothing.

    Not quite a computer, not quite a gaming console, not quite an e-reader, not quite a digital camera.

    The only thing good about tablets is the battery life, but then it should be since anything takes so long on a tablet.

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