Why I Chose VaultPress for WordPress Backups

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The fact that GeekBrainDump.com keeps growing is an amazing thing, and it provides a few real issues.  One of the issues with the growth we are seeing is that I had not worried about planning for a robust data recovery scenario because I didn’t figure there would be much data to worry about for another few months.  I had installed a basic Backup Plugin for WordPress that backs up the site every day, and every few days I download the ZIP archive incase the whole server self destructs.

This system works just fine when you plan on publishing 1-3 posts per day.  If all hell breaks loose the worst case scenario is using a backup a few days old and then republishing 5-10 posts.  The problem is that we are now publishing up to 18 posts per day, and adding up to 5 authors.  If something major now happens to the site not only are there the standard disaster recovery issues, but there’s the possibility of having to republish 50 or more posts and dealing with a lot of manual administration.  For this reason I purchased a year subscription to VaultPress today.


VaultPress is a plugin and service for your WordPress site that backups up your entire site to their servers.  Depending on what version you buy it will either do Daily Backups, or will backup in Real Time.  Also it will keep an archive of either 30 days, or forever.

The $5 a month plan offers 30 days storage of Daily Backups and is a good offer for most sites.  For a site like GeekBrainDump.com I frankly don’t want to have to do any more than necessary to recover from a massive failure so I selected the $15 month version that does Real Time Backup and keeps the backup archive forever.   This way if there is a failure, or a hack, I can just reset the site and get back to work.

At $165 per year many folks will scoff at me for “wasting” money, but when you look at real business costs it is a drop in the bucket.  An average IT Consultant costs $100 per hour or more.  As we grow more and more tech tasks will have to be offloaded to consultants and employees.  In the real world a failure of a site like GeekBrainDump.com will take up to 10 billable hours to recover from which puts the bill at at least $1000.  Frankly looking at things that way it seems that VaultPress makes a very easy business case, and even for things such as migrating to new servers as we grow I have to believe the ROI will be about the fastest you could possibly want.

I’ll do a full review of VaultPress once I’ve used it for awhile, but being that it is a product of Automattic (the folks who run WordPress) I have to believe it will be a good product.


If you want to learn more you can go to: http://www.VaultPress.com


Eli Etherton

I am Eli "the Computer Guy" and have been in the tech industry for approx. 20 years doing all kinds of odd projects. I started as an electronics tech in the US Army, worked in corporate IT during the IT Boom, was an individual consultant and grew my tech shop to have numerous full time employees and supported small business clients with computer repair/ server maintenance/ web development/ surveillance systems/ telephone systems until the great recession. After that I started creating video training on all the topics I know and now have a YouTube Channel with over 500K subscribers. I am the founder of GeekBrainDump.com and my plan is to create a tech "news" site that I would actually find useful if I was still in the server room.

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