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What is, created by Eli Etherton(Owner of What’s purpose is for being able to just simply visit the page and be able to stay caught up on daily and trending technology news that it would pull from other sources using rss of course. What was originally made for was Eli Etherton’s personal use, but seems to grab other peoples eyes.

The Benefits

Yes, is not fancy and is not trying to grab the eyes of others, but yet its simple and laid out flat and organized for those who are interested and like to stay up to date with most activity they are able to do so by visiting Now really how this could benefit us tech professionals who would like to blog more, would be that we can scroll thought new technology subjects and find ones you like and be able to spill your thoughts talking about it through GeekBrainDumb. Like they idea? take a look at


– Christopher Mckinstry
Date: 6/16/2014
My Facebook: Christopher Mckinstry


Christopher Mckinstry

One who thrives in technology, willing to learn everyday, and wish to innovate one day. Christopher Mckinstry a 17 year old, who has been dealing with all sorts of technology sense he was 13 years of age, and desires to help make lives easier and meeting others who wish to do the same.

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