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System Maintenance or tune up — does it deliver?

System Mechanic actually delivers what iolo promises on their official website at e.g boosting speeds and fixing over 30,000 different PC problems . I had one error on my P.C which was annoying because it kept popping up each time my P.C booted into windows. It wasn’t causing any major problems apart from just appearing and disappearing when I clicked OK so I wasn’t worried too much about it. C-Cleaner did not succeed in eliminating it.

After running System Mechanic a couple of times, the error disappeared. These kinds of pop up errors are common on most P.Cs in the world. I also noticed improvement in speed while working on my P.C and of course while booting my computer.

By the way your computer technically slows down with time and starts misbehaving. Having this kind of software at your disposal would improve the performance of your computer. For instance, earlier on I had a piece of software called C-Cleaner — an alternative P.C tune up software and it was a must on my computer to improve performance and eliminate some annoying errors.

In my opinion, I find System Mechanic more efficient than C-Cleaner and I recommend it for anyone experiencing weired errors on their P.Cs and unusual slowness.

The download manager

The download manager would only download 33.56 MBs out of 33.60 MBs on my windows 7 P.C. I would disconnect from the internet to look for the downloaded .exe file in my downloads folder only to find that the file wasn’t there. When I connected to the internet, the download process would restart having wasted my time and bandwidth. If I were a client, I’d look for other solutions due to frustration. I re-tried the download process on my windows 8 computer and it succeeded in downloading the file having failed 2 times on my windows 7 P.C. What I came to learn about it is that it sort of caches the software and allows you to save a copy on your computer once the download process is complete. I think iolo should inform end users in advance that they will only be able to save the .exe file on their computer once the download process is complete or offer an alternative to download the .exe file directly without using the download manager.

Activation Process

System Mechanic is a commercial software and the activation process is very fast and it takes about 2 seconds to activate. This is cool because I don’t wanna waste a lot of time waiting for activation process.

The UI or User Interface

According to me the user interface is quite intuitive and it offers helpful links to explore the software on the start-up screen. I also liked the way it explains what will happen when you click on specific tasks or tools. It also offers “PC TotalCare” under the toolbox to tune-up your P.C at once. The Dashboard should help you perform any tune-up task you want without even having to learn about it.

Contradiction with windows 8

I know many people hate windows 8 because of its UI but it’s quite advanced in self-maintenance. For instance you can:

  1. Refresh your P.C and fix the slowness and weired errors without loosing your files e.g photos, videos, personalization settings e.t.c. However, Apps that you’ve installed from discs and website will be removed. Apps from windows store will remain. After the refresh, the P.C runs as if it were new and those errors disappear and performance improves. In windows 8, refreshing does not mean re-installing windows.
  2. Remove and everything and re-install windows. Who would argue that this doesn’t solve the slowness and pop up errors? I bet none because it actually works. However, you loose your personal files and P.C settings are set to default.

Those self-maintenance tools are built into windows 8.

Those were my thoughts on System Mechanic and I recommend it if you wanna keep your P.C in good condition!


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    Where can I find the details about this software?
    What’s the cost?
    This would be much easier for company who has different departments on different places.

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